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25 November, 2019.  A Regency Mrs Richardson and Her Harp

On November 9, 1813 a Mrs Richardson of 22 York Place, London bought a Grecian pedal harp from the famous harp and piano maker Erard.  As a retirement project I'm currently restoring the instrument and would like to find out more about the original owner.

Harps were the height of fashion between 1810 and 1835 and quickly became a must-have item for a
uent members of fashionable Regency society, costing as much as a grand piano.  I have a copy from the original entry in the maker’s sales ledger for the instrument that I have.  It shows that the instrument was originally sold to a Mrs Richardson of 22 York Place on 9th November 1813 which is the only information that I have.

In the City of Westminster archives the rate books for 22 York Place listed for rents in 1813 the Rev. Benjamin Lawrence and in 1814 James Ralph.  Possibly Mrs Richardson was sub-letting from one of these gentlemen or was related by marriage?  There was the following reported property sale at this address later, but no indication as to the owner of this property.

“December 3, 1825 - "York-place, Portman Square - Household furniture, a fine toned upright pianoforte, features and effects - By Paulin, Son and Herne, on the premises, No. 22 York-place, Portman Square, on Thursday 8 December at 11 am.”

A much earlier record at York Place was found in 1767 in the land tax records, although an exact address was not given and it was only stated as 'Mrs Richardson' and this was a continuation of the records simply indicated as 'Marylebone Town.'

A Mrs Richardson did pop up in the
London literary gazette and journal of 1822, but I have no idea if it was the same one.

“The box was a bequest to him from old Jonathan Richardson, and the vicar valued it much. The head of Campaspe was chased from a profile of Mrs. Richardson, who was the aunt of my mother, and the face resembles that best of women.”

I did wonder if she was anything to do with the artist Jonathan Richardson the Younger.  I am not sure that the dates pan out.If she was 20/30 years old or so when widowed when registered in Marylebone in 1767, she brought the harp in 1813 when she was in her late 60’s and would have been in her 80’s when she died in 1825 so age-wise if the auction was for her effects. 

Jon Hunnisett

19 October, 2019.  Quaker Richardsons at Shotley Bridge in Durham

I have been researching my family for over forty years and have accumulated a great deal of information about them.  A summary of my findings can be found in the September 2006 edition of Quaker Connections, a magazine of the Quaker Family History Society.

My Richardson ancestors are known as the Richardsons of Hull, not to be confused with the other Quaker Richardsons known as the Richardsons of Cleveland.

Thomas Richardson, born in 1773 at Pann Bank in Sunderland, was active in the management of Blackstone’s Bank as he had married the daughter of the founder of the bank.  His son Jonathan followed in his father’s, grandfather’s, and great grandfather’s footsteps into banking.  In 1825 Backstone opened a branch of their bank in Newcastle, which was run by Jonathan Richardson and William Backhouse.  Jonathan died in 1826 and his five sons and grandson, Jonathan Richardson, made up the Board of the bank.

This Jonathan married Ann Robson in 1827 and, around 1839, they and their family moved to Shotley Bridge near Consett in Durham.  There in 1842 he built the mansion which is known as Shotley Park (still standing and now a residential home for the elderly).  He started up a spa there and an iron company nearby called the Derwent Iron Company which became known as Consett.

However, a financial crisis was looming in the 1850’s and in 1857 the Consett ironworks failed, bringing down the bank which had supported it.  This resulted in Jonathan Richardson being disowned by the Quakers; while Jonathan’s brothers and many of his fellow Quaker friends and relations were greatly affected by this collapse.  Subsequently Jonathan was able to pay off his creditors and was then taken back into the society.  He died in 1871.

The Consett ironworks were reconstituted and continued in operation until 1980 when they were closed by British Steel.

Christopher Thompson (

2 October, 2018.  Robert Richardson of South Carolina and New York

I've been searching for years for any information on my great great grandfather Robert H. Richardson.  He was born in 1824 in South Carolina and died in 1870 in New York City.  Family folklore has it that he wasn't too fond of slavery and left his family and headed north.  He married Fanny Pasco in New York City in 1844.

In all the census reports he is listed as being born in South Carolina and that hewas a ships smith.  Rumor always had it that he was from the Charlotte area. If anybody has any info, please email me. 

Karen Kaye (

18 February, 2018.  Richardsons in Georgia and Florida

The old Richardson plantation is still owned by my uncle, Robert N. Richardson III.  It lies on the line of Upson and Lamar counties on US Hwy 3-41 in middle Georgia.  Only a hundred acres of the plantation are left.  Richie Road is a single lane farm road on the county line.  All this is in my family.  Uncle Bob is my mother’s brother. 

My grandfather’s name was Robert N. Richardson II.  He died in 1956, two years before I was born, at the young age of 46.  He was the youngest of seven siblings.   His two older brothers were Walton the oldest, and I believe the middle brother was Ullus.  Uncle Walt was born in the late 1880's, while Uncle Ullus had to be born before 1910, which was the year my grandfather was born.  There were also four other siblings - aunts Leena, Lona, Alma and Clara. 

The Richardsons in Florida came about as my grandfather’s older brother left the farm during the Depression. 

Aunt Clara told me the story as a young boy that the Richardson farm in Georgia was settled in the early 1800"s. They were vegetable farmers and, yes, they had slaves. Aunt Clara told me that during the Great Depression that the last anyone had seen of Uncle Ullus was his backside walking up the dirt road away from the farm.  She guessed he'd had enough of farm life. 

Then the story went that when she and Uncle Copeland Milner were married, her father gave them an old slave quarters. Uncle Cope was a carpenter and transformed it into a nice house.  Then she went on to say that after World War Two, she and two or three of her sisters and their husbands went to the Okefenokee Swamps for a vacation.  As they were in a boat with a tour guide leaving out to start the tour, they all recognized their brother guiding a tour back in to the landing. Of course when they got back in themselves they all inquired of the fellow they saw as being their long lost brother. The owners told them he had collected his pay and left.  Well the swamps are located in extreme northern Florida.  And that's where the story ended. 

To add to this story: in the early 2000's, my fiancee and I went to visit a childhood girlfriend who now lives east of Orlando. They had grown up together in Miami.  When she said her maiden name was Richardson and that her grandfather was from northern Florida, it sent chills all through me.  Now going backwards, the guy that Aunt Clara and her sisters had seen was Ullus, but he had changed his first name.  Sandy, my fiancee's girlfriend, had facial features and was shaped like Aunt Clara and Aunt Alma.  So, having said all of this, this is likely to be how the Richardson came to Florida. 

Steve Bunn (

8 November, 2017.  Richardsons in Washington County, Kentucky

My maiden name is Richardson and my 2nd great grandfather was buried in Richland county, Illinois. His name was Thomas Henry Richardson (1826-1889). I have found several sources linking his birth to Edmonson county, Kentucky.  I think his father was named Thomas Henry as well.  His mother was Henrietta Jarboe.  

They possibly resided in Washington county, Kentucky in the late 1700’s. I don't have any definite sources confirming this. Wondering if anyone has inquired about the Washington county Richardsons. 

Valerie Boehne

27 August, 2017.  Stephen Benjamin Richardson of Bermuda

Stephen Benjamin Richardson was born a slave in St. George’s parish, Bermuda in 1800.  An alert and intelligent young man, he saved enough to purchase his freedom and in later years the freedom of his wife too for 30 pounds.  He was one of thirty eight free blacks who signed a petition addressed to the Government for the removal of disabilities under which free blacks and free people of color had to labour.  He was classed a hero when he saved a young woman from a near fatal accident in 1838. 

Stephen was issued a certificate of competence by captain by Captain Edward Franklin of the Royal Mail steamship Tweed after he piloted the vessel out of Castle Harbour.  He was classed as one of the most skillful branch pilots of his time and for many years held the position of Pilot Examiner.

A. Wasson (

30 July, 2017.  Moses Richardson in Virginia and South Carolina

I believe I have found a Moses Richardson who I believe to be one of my great great great grandfather.  I have a copy of a South Carolina will for him that mentions a married child by the name of Lucy Hunt, my great great grandmother if it is the right one. 

Moses Richardson was born on June 5, 1780 in Culpepper county, Virginia.  He died on January 25, 1851 in South Carolina.   He had married Elizabeth Chapman who was born on December 23, 1790 and who died on November 15, 1856. 

I am needing any information on Moses’ parents or any information on a marriage record for John Hunt and Lucy Richardson.  It generally believed in our family that Lucy was at least half Native American and maybe Cherokee. 

Gale Thomas (

12 April, 2017.  Israel Richardson, from Virginia to Kentucky

I have a partial history of the Richardsons going as far back as Virginia. Israel Richardson was born in Jamestown in 1791.  That is as far back as I have been able to trace them. 

They traveled from Virginia to Hardin county, Kentucky and started a settlement there.   Many of them are buried in my old home church cemetery at Summit, Kentucky.  I so want to find out if we are of Irish, Scottish or English descent. 

Gary Richardson (

17 October, 2016.  John H. Richardson from South Carolina

I know of my Richardson line up to my three times great grandfather who - according to an 1850 Louisiana US Census (when my great grandfather times two was born) was John H. Richardson.  He is estimated to have been born in 1920 or 1921 in South Carolina.

Some speculate John's middle name was Harrison who was a great grandson to a guy who fought in the Revolutionary War named Mathias Richardson.  But so far this has been denied by people who are researching Mathias Richardson. One relative said he guessed John's middle name was Hammond.  But I cannot find any info on a John Hammond Richardson in South Carolina.  Also saw a message board that even used the name Hardy.

My John H. Richardson was married to Katherine Richardson (Burnett) who was born in South Carolina as well.  The census I refer to in 1850 showed the family living in Bienville, Sabine Parish, Louisiana where a lot of my Richardson line can be traced.  I am told by family that they thought our Richardsons came from Mississippi and also that we were either of or had Cherokee Indian blood in this line.

Anyway, sorry that my story is all over the place but, seems that is how this family kind of is. 

John B. Richardson  (

11 September, 2016.  Richardsons in Bedfordshire

I am writing regarding the Richardson family based
at Maulden/Amptill in Bedfordshire during the 1800s and early 1900s.  The family has a genetic illness called GSS, which is a prion disease.  The genetic mutation is p102l.  The illness is closely related to CJD.

Through marriage the surnames are now not all Richardson,  I have currently found relatives with the surname Dennis, Sharp, Crawley, Upchurch, Metcalf and Webb.  I am also aware that Walter George Richardson lived in Norfolk, so I am not just looking at Bedfordshire. 

My grandmother was Elsie Richardson, her father was Sydney Philip Richardson and his father was Philip Richardson.
  I am  currently compiling a family tree, which so far consists of eight generation, but due to Philip and Sydney Philip having a lot of siblings it is proving quite difficult.  If anyone would like to talk to someone who understands or can help me make sense of everything, then please reply.  

Kind Regards
Rebecca Emery

24 July, 2016.  Richardsons in South Carolina and Texas

Please can you help with my husband's Richardson family.  His third great grandfather was Thomas Richardson. Thomas was born about 1800 in Fairfield county, South Carolina and died in June 1859 in Angelina county, Texas and was buried in the McClure cemetery in Angelina county, Texas. 

Thomas's daughter, Martha Catharine or Catherine married William Thomas. We has always been told William Watts Thomas was his name but have never seen anything conclusive. A copy of a family Bible has that "Martha Catharine/Catherine Richardson born on September 22, 1820 and was married on the 6 May 6, 1839."  The Bible does not specify which state or to whom Martha married.  

A newspaper article confirms the story of how the Richardsons and Thomases came to Texas.  From The Diboll Free Press: 

"On the trip to Texas, travelling by boat down the Mississippi river, the boat caught on fire and although he (James HF Thomas) survived, his mother was drowned." 

The story we had been told was that the family was travelling to Texas on a river. The flatboat they were travelling on caught on fire and the mother drowned, (one version) or that the father threw a trunk for her to hang on to and it hit her on the head and killed her (another version) or that both parents were killed (yet another version). 

Thomas Richardson was the son of Samuel Richardson and Elizabeth Elliott. I believe Thomas Richardson was born in Fairfield county, South Carolina..  We have a copy of Samuel Richardson's will proved on March 18, 1801.  This will mentions wife Elizabeth (Elliott), son John Richardson, Thomas Richardson and Margret Richardson (married Nathaniel Mann).  An orphaned child, Dudley was mentioned although there is no other mention of Dudley.  William Kennedy was one of the witnesses (William was a son-in-law.) Also qualified was Elizabeth Richardson (wife), Robert Richardson (brother) and James Elliott (brother in law).  

Samuel Richardson's parents were Thomas Richardson and Margaret.  

I have Thomas Richardson's will as Thomas Richardson Sr. of Craven county, South Carolina on March 18, 1783. The names included are Margaret, son William, son Thomas Jr., daughter Jennett Kennedy, daughter Mary Richardson, son Samuel, daughter Margaret Richardson, son Robert.   James Rabb and Hannah his wife appeared before John Winn Esq. a Justice lately  of Fairfield county and swore that they witnessed the will and that it was witnessed and written by Robert Branham, now dead, and the will delivered into the care of his mother, was lost but lately found in its mutilated condition. 

Thomas Cameron appeared before John Buchanan JP of Camden District on March  31, 1786 and swore that he heard Thomas Richardson Snr. of Fairfield county, say two days before his death that he had formerly made a will but it had been so long ago that he wished Cameron would destroy it which he says he did and then made a non-cupative will in which he devised his moveable property he equally divided between his widow and four children who lived with him vis: Samuel, Robert, Mary and Margaret Richardson (daughter of the decd).  Margaret Richardson, widow of Thomas, planter, applied for admnistration on August 25, 1786, citation not returned. 

The estate was appraised on October 18, 1787 by John Hawthorn, John Elliott and Thomas Richardson. They were qualified on May 18, 1787. 

Can you help me past Thomas? I honestly haven’t gotten that far and I would like any help or suggestions you could give.  I would appreciate any help you might give me, this is my husband's line. The Thomas Richardson born in 1800 was my husband's fourth great grandfather. 

Jacqueline Thomas (

18 June, 2016.  David Richardson of Cumberland and Galveston, Texas

My second great grandfather David Richardson was born circa 1818, the son of David Richardson and Sarah Monkhouse, in Cumberland.  His first wife was Sophia Short, his second wife was Jean St Clair Irving and on his deathbed in 1871 he married his “good friend” Mrs. Kate Roberts.  He also had a liaison with Elizabeth Oates who was born on the Isle of Man and is my ancestor.  No record of a marriage between David and Elizabeth can be found. 

David emigrated with his then family in 1848 to the USA and soon became a partner with Willard Richardson (no relation) in the Galveston daily newspaper.  David was connected with this newspaper until his death in New Jersey in 1871.  David had a total of 14 known children. 

Pat Galovich (

18 June, 2016.  An Old Richardson Dispute in Kentucky

My father Ercil Richardson and his father John Richardson and his father Nathan Richardson were all born in Missouri.  But Nathan's father, also Nathan Richardson, was born in Kentucky.  His father was a John Richardson born in Virginia.

I found some slave records in Kentucky, some old court records of a family lawsuit over slaves and items in Kentucky.  Apparently my great plus grandfather was mad that his family abandoned him in his sick old stage of life and had only a couple of old slaves to care for him.  So he left his land and possessions to those slaves in his will.  The daughter, I don't remember her name, sued to contest the will.  The daughter testified that the brothers left drank a lot.  His neighbor testified he was of sound mind when he made his will. 

Would like more information on my line and stock.


12 June, 2016.  Richardsons in British Columbia

All my family as far back as the late 1700's that I can find from British Columbia in Canada are from Yorkshire.  Both sides in fact are from Yorkshire, Blades being the other.  Locations are Scarborough, Silpho and Scalby.  The parish of Hackness has some records. 

In the Victoria, British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame there is the following: 

“Major F. Richardson, the records speak for themselves.  He was given the O.B.E. by Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace for his efforts in training the soldiers to go to France.  He was also instrumental in the research and development of the Enfield 303 SMLE which was and is still used today.  He was not allowed to keep his own rifle he worked on.  He was also at one point a hospital sergeant and was said to have saved 14 lives during his fifty year service to both England and Canada.” 

David Owen (

26 May, 2016.  Leon Richardson from Merchantville, New Jersey

I am seeking info concerning a third cousin of mine, Leon Richardson.  He was born on 18 March, 1887 in Rose Valley, Pennsylvania and grew up in Merchantville in Camden county, New Jersey.  I don’t know where or when he died, but have discovered the following info and hope that someone might recognize this Richardson family.

He was the third of five children born to George T (1860-1931)) and Rachael Stott Richardson(1866-1931).  An older brother Samuel and younger sister Irene died in early childhood, Irene from typhoid fever.  His surviving siblings were George Lawrence (1896-1932) and Bertha Wright (1897-1985).

Leon was married twice.  His first marriage ended in divorce.  He remarried in 1918 to Frances J. Eslinger in Ohio.
At that time he was an Army aviator with the rank of lieutenant.  He would reach the rank of major when he was discharged in 1919.  He was a certified pilot and instructed pilots and bombers in Washington DC during WW1.  He also was involved in flying exhibitions both in and out of the army and was noted in a 1920’s book Who’s Who in Aviation.  He later was the assistant to the President of the US Mail Steam Shipping Co.  Prior to his army service he was involved in the exploration of Antarctica, Siberia and Northern Alaska with the Alaskan Steam Shipping Co.

His last address that I found was in the 1940’s in New York City.  But he also was working in DC during WW11.  He and Florence had a daughter, Florence EJ Richardson who was twenty in 1940 and recorded in the federal census as an actress.  Leon was recorded as an accountant.  I read that he graduated from the University of Washington but the 1940 census notes only two years of college.

His mother and father had ties to Delaware county, Pennsylvania.  His grandparents (Samuel and Elizabeth Fullerton Stott) were from county Armagh in Northern Ireland.  

Maureen Robinson (

28 March, 2016.  Ellethera Richardson of Middlesex County, Ontario

My great great grandmother was Ellethera Richardson also called Ellen.  She was married to Burras Shaver and lived in Ontario in 1861, according to the Canada West census in 1861 Middlesex County.  I haven't been able to find any other information about her parents etc. 

Karen Good (

26 March, 2016.  Elizabeth Richardson in South Carolina

I had always believed that my great grandfather Lorenzo Altman he was married to an Elizabeth Hardwick.  However, some postings have him married to an Elizabeth Richardson, including the death certificate for her daughter Martha.  Elizabeth or Betsy was born around 1833. 

I live near the Eaddy Ford cemetery in Johnsonville, South Carolina where Lorenzo and Betsy were buried. 

John Altman (

22 March, 2016.  Richardsons/Richisons in Missouri

I am trying to find information out about James Aaron Richardson, born about 1842 in Missouri. He was said to have been murdered by bushwhackers either in Kentucky or Tennessee around 1864.  

He was married to what we have as Roseann Elizabeth (Nancy Jane Coulter) Colter at the time. She was pregnant with their one and only child, a son named James Aaron Richardson/Richison.  He changed the last name from Richardson to Richison for unknown reasons.  Nancy Jane went on to marry a Nathan Martin. 

Rosanna Leon (Rosanna.Leon@LA.GOV)

18 March, 2016.  Kathleen Richardson in British India

My mother's mother was a Richardson, Kathleen, born in Velor, near Hyderabad Deccan, India in the late 1800s. Her family was British military, 'other ranks.'  

Her brother, Uncle Alfie, was a sergeant rough rider.  Rough riders were the men who broke in the walers, horses imported from New South Wales in Australia and which provided the great majority of mounts for the British army in India.  Alfie seems to have been the archetypal drunken, fighting Irishman.  He would get drunk, hit an officer, be busted down, work his way up to sergeant again etc.  Alfie, like the many of British other ranks there, was born and died in India. 

Kathleen made it to Britain because two of her daughters had married Englishmen and she accompanied them to England after the 1939-45 war.  The family was reportedly 'bog Irish' from county Cork.  Kathleen was, curiously, virulently anti-Irish despite being of pure Irish extraction herself. 

Anthony Glynn (

16 February, 2016.  David and Elizabeth Richardson in Mississippi

I have found marriage records regarding my great-grandmother Sarah Jane Richardson White (1838-1910).  Her parents were David and Elizabeth Richardson of Mississippi.  I have not been able to find any further information about David and Elizabeth. 

Pam Wells

24 July 2015, John Henry Richardson of Selby, Yorkshire

I am researching for a dear friend of mine.  His father John Henry Richardson (1920-1950) married Frieda Margaret Brown (1922-2000) and they lived in Selby, Yorkshire.  John Henry died in Wakefield hospital after a quarry accident but no one seems to know where he is buried.   His father’s name was William.  But that’s all I have been able to find out about this mysterious family and I am hoping someone can help. 

Sandy Gard(

15 April 2015.  William Richardson, Born in Texas 1901

I've never met nor seen my grandfather William Richardson who was born in 1901 in Texas.   He may have been known as Jim Richardson or Jim or James may have been middle name.  Also he may have lived in Raton, New Mexico.   Any information? 

Billie Holt (

10 November, 2014.  Leon Richardson and His African American Line

My grandfather's name was Leon Richardson, of Clairton, Pennsylvania.  Before he passed 25 years ago he stated to me that our family name came from a plantation in South Carolina and he remembered the name Ibraheart Richardson. 

I am looking for information on slaves or any African Americans with the name Ibraheart from the plantation from the time period about 125 years ago.  Leon died 25 years ago at the age of 98.  Also he stated that our family line is from Nigeria and that we came from the Watusi tribe line. 

Thank you, 
Aretha Nixon


30 July, 2014.  Richardsons in Nova Scotia

I began researching our family’s history and genealogy as a gift to my grandfather George Richardson.  My grandfather is from a small fishing town named Blue Rocks in Lunenburg county in Nova Scotia.  As I trace his (our) genealogy I get back to about the mid 1800’s and the records get sporadic. I thought I’d try another tactic and try to find out about why and when Richardsons came to Blue Rocks in Lunenburg.  It would be great to know more about the earliest Richardson settlers in that part of the world. 

Michelle (


3 April, 2014.  James Richardson in Wisconsin

I am researching our family tree and have come to a block on my paternal side.  My 3rd great grandfather is James Richardson.  I have seen his gravestone in East Delavan Cemetery in Delavan, Wisconsin which shows a birth date of 15 Oct 1781 and a death of 18 Oct 1847.  He married Elizabeth Cassada/Cassidy (whose mother was Marguerite Van Antwerpen from Schenectady, NY) and had three girls: - Diana, Margaret, and Elizabeth (who married Martin Hart Brigham).   

Unfortunately, I have no idea where he was born.   New York, Canada, and England are all possibilities.   I don't know if he has a middle initial/name either.   He is an enigma in my research and I would love to know more about him! 

Gayle Elbert Durkin (

25 February, 2014.  Richardsons in Troup County, Georgia

My David Richardson was born in 1785 in South Carolina.   He married his first wife Mary Eaton Brown in 1808 and they moved to frontier land in Georgia in 1808.  Their first child Lucretia was born in 1808, their second child John in 1815.  Around this time Mary Eaton died and David married a second time, to Nany Ann Delaughter from South Carolina.  Nancy died in Macon county, Alabama along with their son George Delaughter Richardson.  My line comes from their eldest child David Nelson Richardson Jr, who was born in Georgia in 1817. 

I have been working on this Richardson family genealogy most of my adult life and I am brick-walled at Troup county, Georgia circa 1830.  I am aged 69 years old and do hope to find my David Richardson's father before I become an ancestor myself.  I have all of David's estate records from the Troup county Georgia archives.  He and his sons owned close to 1,000 acres of cotton land circa 1850, the date of his death. 

Ron Richardson, Newnan, Georgia (

7 February, 2014.  Thomas William Richardson of London, Ontario

My name is Vicki Houghton. I live in St. Thomas, Ontario and I am looking for my great step-grandfather's history. 

His name was Thomas William Richardson and he, died on August 2, 1944 in London, Ontario.  At the time of his death, he was married to my great grandmother, Edna Leon Cummings (or Armstrong).  My grandfather owned a well-known hotel with Edna in London, Ontario at the time of his death.  He was a former OPP officer from Toronto.  He is buried in the Woodland cemetery in London, Ontario.  This is really all I know about him.  If he is part of your family history, I would appreciate any information. 

Vicki Houghton (vhoughton1@

10 January, 2014.  James Stewart Richardson in Ireland

I am seeking any info on my great grandfather James Stewart Richardson who lived on Donore Avenue in Drogheda around 1914, with a wife with an initial starting with N. 

My grandfather Charles James Richardson enlisted in the New Zealand Auckland Mounted Rifles in 1914, serving in Gallipoli and the Sinai campaign in Egypt and then returning to New Zealand in 1919 and dying there in 1933 aged 44.  My father Charles James Richardson was the only son.  He moved to Australia in 1976 with five kids. 

Neal Richardson (

13 November, 2013.  James Long Richardson in Virginia  

I am looking for information on James Long Richardson of Patrick county, Virginia circa 1770-1800.
Scott Richardson (

2 September, 2013.  Philadelphia’s First Alderman  

My great grandfather William Samuel Richardson was a friend of William Penn and made Philadelphia's first City Alderman by him.  He was a Quaker and a leader in Philadelphia in the 1700's, especially among the Quakers.  He once owned what is now Market Street.  He was said to have lived in Jamaica for a time before coming to Pennsylvania.   He may have lived in Wales prior to his emigration, but I am not certain of it. 

I know that his son Joseph married a Bevan who is also in my line. 

Kim Pierpoint Collins (
Enid, Oklahoma      

I'm writing to try and trace my lineage to an African American from Philadelphia who came to the Solomon Islands through North Queensland and the Torres Strait where he worked as a sail maker, a pearl diver and a master of a pearling lugger out of Thursday Island in the 1800’s.  His name was George Washington Ezekiel Richardson.  He was my grandfather’s father. 

Hope to hear from you soon. 
Julia Kauli (

18 May, 2013.  A Richardson Line in Australia

I think I may have some information concerning the Richardson family in Australia and in particular about him taking his mother's maiden name Richardson to hide his true identity.  I have been told that he jumped ship as a boy.  Apparently he was a drummer. 

I am from the line of Sophia Richardson, daughter of Alfred Richardson who took his mother's maiden name (Mary Clarke Richardson) - but I think he is actually not hers but her husband's son.  I think there is a relationship with the Pearce-Serocold family.  

Kind regards, 
Ellie Newsome (

31 March, 2013.  Albert Richardson aka Alberto Riccardi in New Zealand

William Albert Richardson, born in Huddersfield in 1839 and sometimes known as Signor Alberto Riccardi, made his name in opera.  The following was how he advertised himself in the Otago Daily Times in 1894: 

“School of Opera.  Mr. Albert Richardson (Signor Alberto Riccardi), principal baritone Royal Italian and English Opera, is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils for the operatic stage, to appear in operas shortly to be produced.  Complete training in vocalization, elocution and acting.” 

New Zealand research has revealed that Albert Richardson had first arrived there with the Simonsen Opera Company in 1876 and had toured in various towns and cities over a six month period. 

There is no solid evidence that Albert was ever in New Zealand again until his arrival in Dunedin in April 1893.  Albert then began to advertise as an instructor in Italian and English singing.  He received pupils at his rooms at the Octagon.   His wife Mathilde and daughter Beatrice were with him in Dunedin; and they advertised too, as piano teachers, at the family residence at View Street, Moray Place. 

The next year he announced first chorus rehearsals for a production of the opera Maritana.   Maritana opened on 20 June at the Princess Theatre for a four night season.  Beatrice played the principal role of Maritana and Albert conducted.  On the second and fourth night, his son Vincent Richardson took the part of the King of Spain.  The Otago Daily Times review of the opening night noted that attendance at the opera was “decidedly satisfactory.”  The review of the third night gave it a warm commendation.  Beatrice in the title role acted with grace and abandon, while her singing was likewise of a satisfactory character. 

The following year, 1895, Maritana also had a four night run.  But the Richardson family left New Zealand afterwards and never apparently returned.  Albert died in Brisbane, Australia in 1927.

 Ian Richardson (

18 March, 2013.  George Richardson from Tipperary in Canada 

My ancestor was George Richardson, a shoemaker who came over to Canada from Tipperary in 1818 or so.  George went on to be a prominent Baptist preacher in Nova Scotia, settling in the Sydney, Cape Breton area of the province.  

If anyone can help confirm the following, I would be very grateful: 

"George was born of wealthy parents in England near the English/Scottish border. About 1805 the family moved to Ireland, where George attended Dublin University and married Elizabeth Corcoran." 

There is no record of George in the Alumni Dublinensis, however.  Also, I have not been able to find out who his parents were and where "near the English/Scottish border" he was born.

Mark Richardson ( 
London, Ontario

2 March 2013.  Richardsons from Ireland in England and across the Atlantic 

My great grandfather James Richardson was born in Ireland about 1832.  He married Elizabeth Brister in 1866 in England.  They met while both worked at Barrington Court in Somerset.  By 1874 they resided in Horton, Bradford in Yorkshire, where James Richardson died in 1890. 

James seemed determined to break away from his family still in Ireland and was said to have burned any letters coming from them.  Since Elizabeth did not read, we have not been able to discover where in Ireland James was born. 

James listed his own father as James Richardson on their marriage certificate.  We are hoping someone has a story about a family member who left Ireland and refused to be in contact.  We have heard he refused to go into the church as his father wished, but are unsure which church that was.  His wife and children were Protestant. 

James and Elizabeth had seven children – James, Anne, Jane, John, Martha, Thomas, and Emma.  Elizabeth and all the children except Anne came to Canada and America between 1906 and 1908. 

Any leads would be wonderful. 
Rowena Richardson (

27 May 2012.  Richardsons at St. Andrew in Jamaiica 

I'm looking for information on the Richardsons in Jamaica, in particular in the parish St Andrew and information about my grandfather, James Maria Richardson. 

I've heard that his father came directly from Perth in Scotland to Jamaica.  I've heard a story about him being a ship’s captain, but I don't know if that information is correct since it all comes secondhand.  My grandfather was married to Emily Richardson nee Carey who was of Irish/Jamaican descent. 

I would like to know more about this Richardson background.  My father’s name was Michael James Carey Richardson.  He was born in St Andrew, Jamaica and first immigrated to the US and later to the UK.  He passed away this January and I'm now even more curious about my background.  If anyone has some information it would be very much appreciated, 

G.C. Richardson (

1 April, 2012.  Annie Richardson of Hereford and London 

Annie Lilian Richardson (1869-1953) of St. Pancras - daughter of Henry Richardson, a mechanic - married Charles Frederick Smitten on March 29, 1891 in the parish of Islington, Middlesex.  The 1891 and 1901 censuses show her birth place as Hereford in Herefordshire.  I have all her information following her marriage but cannot trace anything prior to that time.  Her marriage certificate shows her father as Henry and was witnessed by Elizabeth Richardson, possibly her mother, and Charles Fuller. 

Annie was my grandmother and my mother was her only child. 

Linda Sandor (

31 March 2012.  Richardsons in Dumfries


I am looking for information on John Richardson, birthdate unknown, who married Elizabeth Wright.  I understand they lived in Dubside of Heck in Dumfriesshire.  Both he and Elizabeth were buried in Lochmaben old churchyard.  I believe they only had one child Agnes, born in 1737, who married William Thorburn.  He was born in 1719 and died in 1790 in Kelton.  Both Agnes and William were buried in St Michael’s churchyard in Dumfries. 

If anyone is researching this family I would be very interested in hearing from them. 

Elaine Moore (

2 January, 2012.  William Haig Richardson and Fanny Nixon 

My father William Haig Richardson was born in 1918, I am told, and raised in Newcastle.  He and every male member of his family worked in the coal mines and it seems most expired of black lung along the way.  He was one of perhaps five offspring.  When old enough for service he became a member of the Coldstream Guards, was stationed briefly as a palace guard, and then went to North Africa during World War Two.  His legs were blown off at Tobruk and he spent the remainder of the war in an Italian / German prison camp during which time his family had been notified of his official demise. 

My mother Fanny Nixon was born in 1913 and raised in Harrow, London.  I was told that her father George Nixon had a family of 5-6 and he drove a horse drawn wagon delivering Guinness to taverns in the area on a daily route.  My mom Fanny (later Fay) was the youngest surviving child and her mother died in childbirth a couple of years after my mom was born.  During WW2 Fanny worked in a factory making the helium filled ground blocking balloons to discourage the V2 rockets. 

Upon my father’s return from Italy he also worked at the same facility in London where he met my mother and they married, I believe, in 1944-45.    My sister Gloria Richardson was born in 1945 and I William Haig Richardson Jr. in 1950.  We left England for the US in 1952 and I had my 2nd birthday on the Mauritania mid ocean. 

I have never known another family member, never seen a grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc. and now in failing health myself, I have set upon a "bucket list" of sorts to locate another who may remember my family.  With luck I hope to return home for a visit that is now well overdue. 

With great thanks, 
William (Bill) Richardson (
South Carolina, USA

10 November, 2011.  Ellen Richardson from Ireland to America 

I am looking for any information about my great grandmother, Ellen Richardson.   She was supposedly born in Ireland around 1850.  Her parents were George and Ellen.   In 1871 she married Timothy Callahan in Boston, Massachusetts.  If anyone knows anything about this Richardson family I would appreciate hearing about it. 

Cathy Abraham (

6 October 2011.  Richardsons from Tipperary in Ireland 

I’m Tom Richardson from Tipperary in Ireland.  I have details via Catholic church records of my great great grandfather’s marriage in 1850, just after the famine in Ireland, and the baptism of my great grandfather in 1851.  In the 1901 and 1911 Irish censuses I can find my great grandfather’s household, even though between those two years many of my grandfather’s siblings left for America. 

There's a saying in southern Ireland that such and such 'took the soup,' meaning that some starving Catholics during the famine of the 1840's took food offered on condition that they converted to Protestantism.  To me it’s a no brainer, take the food, but neighbors boycotted those who 'took the soup' etc  

I could understand if my forebears converted in the other direction.  But I have no idea how my branch – whom I’m assuming were Protestant somewhere back - became Catholic.  If any of your visitors have any clue I'd be obliged.  

Tom Richardson (moceelicat@hotmail)


12 September, 2011.  Isaac Richardson of Croxton in Staffordshire

Isaac Richardson was born in Croxton in 1842 in a small thatched cottage, the son of a farm laborer.   In his later years he wrote a number of experiences of what life was like in the 1880's, a time of change in the local area.  He gave from his experiences accounts of the people, customs and places in the area of Croxton, Wetwood, and Eccleshall and many other places.  His experiences provided a unique insight into the building of Croxton church, schooling and his first "situations" working from the age of thirteen as a local laborer.  Isaac described the Croxton Wakes, Charnes Races, Barring Day, and many other customs that have been lost in time.

A book on Isaac Richardson has been published by Ian Symington for the Broughton and Croxton Local History Group and is available for purchase.

Ian Symington (

25 August, 2011.  Richardsons in Belize 

I am enquiring if there were any Richardsons who left England and arrived in Belize in Central America. 
Catherine L. Samuels (

20 July, 2011.  Jonathan Richardson from Yorkshire to Delaware and Ohio 

My maiden name is Richardson and I have a clear record of my great great great grandfather Jonathan Richardson, including his christening record in the Rudston parish records in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  He was the son of Jonathan and Sarah Richardson, Jonathan being a weaver.  I have his naturalization papers from New Castle Co., Delaware that states he came into the USA in 1819, age 37, from Rudston in England.  He had been christened there in 1789. 

It appears that he was married when he came to America.  He had a dairy business in Brandywine, Delaware.  His children were born there.  In 1830 they moved to Ohio where his wife Margaret is buried.  Ohio records indicate she was also born in England in 1787.  

Rosie Ellen Jenkins (

23 May, 2011.   Richardson in County Meath 

I am looking for any connection with my family name.   My Dad was Arthur Richardson who was born in 1908 on the Bomford estate in Trim, county Meath.  My grandfather was a coachman for the Bomford family and lived in one of the cottages on the Bomford land.   I believe that part of my family came from the north of Ireland and before that from Scotland. 

Caroline Richardson (

11 April, 2011.  Richardsons from Ripon to Canada 

I am looking for information on a John and Ellen Richardson in the Ripon area.  My second great grandfather was a son of theirs, Michael Newsam Richardson.  He came to Canada by way of the USA around 1850 maybe (we are not sure).  All I know is that he was from the Ripon area and his parents were John and Ellen.  I cannot find any reference to a birth or anything. 

Does your history of the Richardson apply to all with the Richardson name?   I have noticed a coat of arms on the internet as well.  Does that apply to all Richardsons?

Faye Patmore (fpatmore@incentre)

30 December, 2010.  Postilion Joe Richardson 

Postilion Joe Richardson, who was a footman for George Washington, was a dower slave and, therefore, not freeable upon the first U. S. president's death.  Martha's inherited slaves, of whom Joe was one, via her first marriage to Daniel Parke Custis, were divided between her heirs at the time of her death in 1802. 

Joe's wife, "Sall," was not a dower slave and was freed upon the death of George Washington.  Her children were also free blacks via Washington's will.  Some historians assume that Joe continued to live at Mount Vernon after Washington's death as two of his sons were known to have worked there during the early 19th century. 

The Philadelphia historian, Edward Lawler, Jr., has online information posted on the "Philadelphia Presidents' House" site that details what is known about the slaves who lived in Philadelphia when it was the nation's capitol. 

I am a Richardson via my Virginia great-grandmother.  Thank you for your very informative and interesting site. 

C. McNamara (

21 December, 2010.   Thomas Richardson, Hartlepool Shipbuilder 

Please find below an article that I wrote about Thomas Richardson.   Can you tell me if he was related to the Wigham Richardson who built ships at Newcastle in the late 1800’s. 

Thomas Richardson 

In St James’s Church yard in Castle Eden about ten yards from the south west corner of the church, lies the grave of Thomas Richardson.  The inscription tells us that he died on the 18th of October 1850 at the age of 56.  It is a flat ‘box tomb’ type grave and it is shared with his wife and other family members.

Richardson’s obituary appeared in The Illustrated London News in November 1850.  In it he is referred to as an ‘exemplary and excellent individual’ and it briefly outlines his qualities and achievements.  The article is a fitting tribute to a talented man. 

Thomas Richardson led a full and varied life; he was a self made and particularly astute, business man.  He started his career as a timber contractor for the Earl of Durham.  He was involved in the opening up of the collieries at Wingate and Castle Eden.  In 1836 He went into business with Joseph Parkin.  They formed the Richardson and Parkin yard and were the first modern shipbuilders in Hartlepool.  In 1837 the Richardson & Parkin yard produced the ‘Castle Eden,’ the first modern ship to be built in Hartlepool.  In 1838 the yard was moved to Middleton.  In 1839 the yard was sold to John Denton.  For the next few years, Richardson concentrated on the family business at Castle Eden.  He returned to shipbuilding in 1844, but this was no longer his main interest.  In 1847 Thomas acquired the Hartlepool Iron Works. 

After his death his sons - Thomas and John - took over the business and concentrated on building marine and mining engines.  In 1868 Thomas junior also ran for parliament but was unsuccessful, losing to Ralf Ward Jackson.  However, on a second attempt in 1874 he won the seat and became MP for Hartlepool. 

The grandson, another Thomas Richardson, took over as chairman of the company in 1890 and later on, through partnership, formed Richardson Wesgarth and Company.  This was to become one of Hartlepool’s largest employers till its closure in the 1980’s. 

Glen Fallow (

26 September, 2010.  James Richardson and the Submarine Snorkel 

Check on the submarine snorkel designed by James Richardson.  Scotts Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd, Greenock, Scotland, and Richardson were granted British Patent No 106330 on 21 May 1917 - long before the usually recognized Dutch and German claimants' efforts. 

Charles Dawson (

3 July, 2009.  Richardsons from Cheshire  

My mother's maiden name was Richardson and we have managed to trace her father Leslie Richardson born 1899, grandfather William 1861 and great grandfather Samuel 1833, all born in Aston Birmingham.  We then go back to the Cheshire connection where we find Richard Richardson, born in 1810 in Aston by Budworth, his father John, born in 1770 in Cheshire, and his father was William Richardson - but I cannot find anything on him.  

Looking at the Northwich site, we know that Richard's wife Ann was a grocer in Witton Street and that between 1839 and 1841 Richard was licensee of the Britannia pub.  He died in Birmingham in 1850 at the age of 40.  From what we can see, most of the Richardsons lived in Mill Lane or Witton Street and we know that John's brother William left a substantial will when he died in 1848.  We would love to find out more about the Richardsons at that time and also to establish where John's father William was born and what he did. 

I have seen a lot on the site about the Richardsons in other parts of the country, but wondered where I might find more information about the Cheshire connection. 

Don't know if you have any suggestions. 
Gill Thomas (

28 June, 2009.  Richardson DNA  

I was researching online and found the Richardson name website.  I have enjoyed learning more about Richardsons in the U.K., U.S. and elsewhere. 

I recently participated in the Richardson Y-DNA Project. The project’s participants have diverse genetic origins.  For example, many Richardsons are of ancient Briton or Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Welsh) origin. Other Richardsons are of North Germanic (Angle/Anglian, Frisian, Jute and Saxon) origin.  Then there are Richardsons like myself of Scandinavian origin. Those Richardson’s of Scandinavian origin are descended from Danish and Norwegian Vikings that settled in Britain, Ireland and Normandy during the Viking Age.  

H. David Richardson ( 

19 April, 2009.  John Richardson in Swansea 

Have you come across the family of John Richardson who came from the South Shields area but moved to Swansea and made a fortune in the copper ore importation business?  He had several children, including John Crow Richardson. 

John Richardson (1790-1858) m. Elizabeth Clarke (1791-1864)
- John Crow Richardson (1810-1884) m. Elizabeth Walters in 1837 and Eliza Ross in 1848
   - John Crow Richardson (1842-1903) m. Theresa Eden P-Serecold (1847-1918)
- Joseph Richardson (1811-1854)
- Sarah Richardson (b. 1813)
- James Coxon Richardson (1817-1874) m. Elizabeth Nichol in 1847 and Georgina Nelson in 1854
- Elizabeth Clarke Richardson (b. 1819)
- Jeremiah Clarke Richardson (1822-1906) m. Margaret Walters in 1848 and Sophia Popkin in 1860
- Henry Francis Richardson (b. 1825)
- Mary Isabel Richardson (b. 1829)

John was a major shipowner and I wondered if there might be some connection with John Wigham Richardson. 

John W. Hawkins (

17 February, 2009.  Richardsons in Lancashire (Tockholes) 

The Richardson Family were notable in Tockholes from the mid 17th century.  Lower Hill is the original Old Hall where the Richardsons lived although there are several others including Crowtrees.  The Silk Hall was built by Ralph, second son of Adam Richardson, in 1764.  The family was involved in the Nonconformist movement and is thought to have originated from Cheshire according to “Two Centuries and a Half of Nonconformity in Tockholes” by Rev. B. Nightingale. 

They married into the Walmsley family (first mentioned in Tockholes in 1335) when the Walmsley line died out with two heiresses.  This was when Walmsley Richardson married Lydia Walmsley in 1752.  Walmsley Richardson and his father, Adam, sold Lower Hill House and lands by Auction in 1770 because of Walmsley's debts (The Manchester Mercury, July 24th 1770).  

The grandson of Walmsley Richardson, also called Walmsley, sold Higher Hill to Thomas Sefton around 1830 and moved to 75 Park Road, Preston where he became a shopkeeper.  Thomas Sefton is shown living at Higher Hill in the censuses of 1841 and 1851. 

24 November, 2008.  Richardsons in Sunderland 

I stumbled across your website by accident as I was looking for Nicholsons and a Richardson married one.  My wife is the granddaughter of William Richardson of Sunderland.  He left school at 14 and worked as anoffice boy in James Laing's shipyard.  He spent the rest of his workinglife there and became company secretary.  He was churchwarden at St Gabriel's church.  He and his wife had three sons, Hugh (later a Church of England canon); Harold who was killed in France while serving with the 2nd D.L.I.; Philip who served in the Royal Air Force; Ethel, my wife's mother and Julia. Julia never married but looked after almshouses in Sunderland. She received Maundy money from the hand of the Queen.   

Canon Peter C Nicholson O.B.E. (

1 July 2008.  Richardsons From Bermuda   

My grandfather's name was Hilton C. Richardson, his father's name was Daniel B. Richardson and his brother's name was Austin Richardson.   It has been said that the Richardson's originated from St. Vincent, West Indies. 

Austin Richardson was a minister here in Bermuda in the African Methodist Episcopal Church in the 1800's (1887?) and Daniel Richardson was an assistant Pastor of the AME Church here as well.  My grandfather was a farmer, school teacher and principal at St. David's Elementary School, Bermuda, the assistant Pastor and he also designed the St. Luke A.M.E. Church, St. David's Bermuda after a cathedral in Paris out of matchsticks. 

Hilton (Hillie) married Inez Minors when she was 16 years of age.  Inez was a direct descendant of Jacob Minors - the first Indian slave to Bermuda.  This couple had seven children.  Only two are alive today, Helene and Bernice. 

On 20th July, 2008, we will be having a family celebration at St. Luke A.M.E. Church and would appreciate any information you may have on the West Indian side of the family. 

Cindy O'Brien (nee Paynter)  

12 May, 2008.  Richardsons and O’Neals in Cass County, Texas 

I was just reading the website on the Richardsons.  My grandmother was Mary Richardson, born 4-23-1900 in Atlanta, Texas in Cass county to John Richardson and Everline Oliver.  John Richardson was the son of Miles Richardson and Fanny Carey.on the 1867 voter registration of Davis [Cass] county, Texas.  Miles said he came to Texas from Georgia in 1856.on the 1870 census of Davis county.  On page 64 is Miles and his family and next door to him are his parents Charles and Sookie Richardson and next door is their other son Julius and his family. 

I am trying to find out where they all came from before coming to Cass county, Texas?  John Richardson was a sharecropper for Hardy O'Neal.  Hardy O’Neal was the son of Henry F. O’Neal who was the son of Francis O’Neal.  Francis O’Neal married Ketturah Richardson 12-28-1826 in Wilkinson county, Mississippi. 

What relationship if any did Ketturah Richardson have to do with my family of Richardsons? 

Muhammad Abdullah (

11 November, 2007.  Samuel Richardson the Qua

I have reviewed your Richardson Name Website with great interest and thank you for making this information availabe.

I was born a Richardson of a line from Samuel Richardson, a Quaker who came to the colonies via Jamaica and probably came around 1687.   I am wondering if this would be the Samuel you mention in your website.  One of my relatives has done a wonderful job of researching the Richardson line back to this Samuel but we have not been able to find much out about Samuel and his family (meaning his parents) in England.  We know he was born in England, became a Quaker, and probably moved from England due to the persecution of Quakers.  He left in 1675-1676 to go to Jamaica first.  We know he died on 10 July 1719 and his wife’s name was Elinor (variously spelled as Ellinor also) but no last name.

If anyone knows more information about this particular Richardson, I would be most appreciative of the information. Thanks very much.

Lorinda Richardson Glovier, aka Lori (

25 September, 2007.  Newcastle Quaker Richardsons

Thought I'd drop you a line to say I'd enjoyed looking at your Richardson website.  I'm a descendant of the Newcastle Quaker Richardsons.  My great grandmother was the Elizabeth (Richardson) Spence included in your miscellany.

I presume you know of the close family relationships between the Quaker Richardsons. My great grandmother, for example, was sister to John Wigham Richardson.  Lewis Fry and Sir Ralph Richardson were their first cousins (once removed respectively).

Are you yourself related to the Quaker Richardsons in any way?

Best wishes
Ben Beck (