The Richardson Name Website

Welcome to the Richardson Name Website.

Richardsons are numerous.  There are some 90,000 Richardsons in Britain today, and possibly as many or more elsewhere.  Despite their numbers, the Richardson name does seem to have a distinctive history. 

Some Richardson Traits

From this history in England, I found three traits that seem to have been passed down through the generations:

- a pursuit of industry and trade
- Quakerism and its moral guidance
- and a love of nature and the natural world.

Another factor: they rarely seemed to have craved honor or spoils.  The story I liked best was Richard Richardson, the Yorkshire wool merchant in the 1640ís, actually paying £40 so that he would not be knighted.  

Some of these traits continued as Richardsons migrated overseas, first to America and then to Canada and Australia principally.   The Richardson strain has undoubtedly over time got more diffuse. 

And Some Hand-Me-Downs

Of this Richardson history, what has been handed down?  I could mention here the Quaker texts and writings by various Richardsons over the years; the novels of Samuel Richardson; the border sketches of Thomas Miles Richardson; the silver buckles made for Letitia Penn by Francis Richardson; the Richardson waltz; Bessbrook village in Northern Ireland; and some fine colonial houses built by Richardsons in Langhorne, Pennsylvania and Bladen County, North Carolina.  There are also the curious mementos of Lady Darwin's brooch and Jimmy Richardson's bagpipes whose stories are recounted here.

More recent history might include the Richardson building dominating the Winnipeg skyline; the films of Tony Richardson; and the stage and screen performances of Sir Ralph Richardson and Ian Richardson.

This Web Site

My cousins are Richardsons and this is my own personalized rambling through the Richardson history for them.  Some good stories are to be found (there are links from the text to the web story page).  And those tracing their roots and ancestors may find some useful pointers here.

I hope you enjoy it.

Colin Shelley